Chinese Medicine is a science, deep and sophisticated. It is a complete medical system which has been used for the treatment and prevention of illnesses for over 5000 years. Its theory is to be digested slowly to fully comprehend its concept which is simple, straightforward and yet profound.

Chinese Medicine is an art of natural medicine which uses Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to regulate and control the flow and balance of Energy throughout the whole body to achieve health and wellness.


Chinese dietary therapy often includes the use of Chinese herbs. Taken as a supplement the herbs can strengthen our bodies, prevent or remedy ailments. Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful method of healing which is safe, rarely causing unwanted side effects, and are readily available in packaged patent formulas of pills, liquid extracts, or raw herbs made into herbal tea or soup.


Cheng Koh has been in clinical practice since 1988, providing health consultations and preventative care.  Health can be maintained through proper dietary therapy, herbal remedies, supplements and Energy Medicines.

Essential Oil blends are personalized and custom blended for individual needs.

The clinic provides supplemental therapy for Pain and Injury, Mental & Emotional Stress, Flu/Colds, Immune system, Digestive Disorders & Preventative Therapy and  other health issues. Graduated in Aesthetics and Aromatherapy from London (UK) in 1974 the clinic also provides therapy for Skin problems , Face Renewal treatments,. The clinic uses Nutritional supplements, Dietary Therapy, Chinese Herbs and Energy remedies. 

Consultations for recommendation of supplements are available by appointments.

Long distance health consultations are also available.

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