Cheng’s Chinese Herb Tonic

Way to Harmony and Balance

Premium quality herbs have been specifically selected for these tasty Chinese herb soups and teas to help promote harmony and balance.

“Eat not for the pleasure
thou mayest find therein.
Eat to increase thy strength.
Eat to preserve the life though
hast received from heaven.”


Herbal Soups

Change of Season Soup (Immune Enhancer Formula)

This herbal formula is great harmonizer, helping to balance the body and mind in times of stress, especially during the change of seasons. It enhances the immune system and increase the body’s own adaptive energies. Also excellent for those involved in active sports and the practice of marital arts.

Herbal Ingredients: Astragalus, Codonopsitis, Dioscorea, Lycii

Lubricating the Lung Soup (Beautiful Skin Formula)

This herbal formula moistens and nourishes the Lung Yin and is great for dry heat in the Lung. It is especially good for smokers and those who have dry cough and nose bleeds. Taken regularly it enhances the complexion and lubricates dry skin.

Herbal Ingredients: Lilium, Adenophoro, Asparagi, Ophiopogonis Root, Polygonatum

Relax Mind and Body Soup (Stress Relieving Formula)

This herbal formula calms stress, soothes nervous tension and invigorates energy in those who are tired. It is an excellent tonic for those suffering from mental and emotional fatigue, creating a harmonizing balance between mind and body.

Herbal Ingredients: Lilium, Fox Nuts, Dioscorea, Polygonatum, Euphoria Longan, Red Dates

Chang Ming Soup (Longevity Formula)

This herbal formula contains Ginseng, also known as “The King of Herbs,” the most renowned Longevity Tonic herb. It has restorative qualities, enriching the Q’i and Blood. This enables the body to cope with stress and guards against susceptibility to illness.

Herbal Ingredients: Ginseng, Lycii, Euphoria Longan, Red Dates

Weight Regulation Soup (Middle Warmer Enhancer Formula)

This herbal formula contains enhances the energies of the Stomach and Spleen located in the Middle Warmer. The Chinese believe that when both these organs function in harmony, there will be optimal production of Q’1 and Blood. In this way, obesity is reduced, fluid metabolism is regulated and the muscles will be well-toned and strong.

Herbal Ingredients: Codonopsitis, Lycii, Astragulus, White Peony Root, Red Dates, Atractylus Poria, Chinese Licorice

Herbal Teas

Chrysanthemum Soother Tea (Bright Eyes Formula)

This soothing tea helps relax tired eyes and those suffering from eye strain due to computer work. Taken regularly it helps to brighten and nourish the eyes, increase stamina and take away excess heat.

Herbal Ingredients: Chrysanthemum Flowers, Chinese Wolfberry, Chinese Licorice

Orchid Vitality Tea (Energizing Formula)

This herbal tea reduces fatigue and helps to energize the body, supplement physical vigor and increase stamina. Excellent for increasing and replenishing Kidney Essence (Jing) and for those involved in the healing arts.

Herbal Ingredients: Dendrobium, Chinese Licorice